Which part of your brain is important when you purchase?

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In this video, some part of the brain are important and the marketor try to touch them to incite you to buy something.

This video inform us that some big companies use this marketing but they didn’t mention it because they are afraid to be accused of manipulation. This video show well that it is the case for young people because in the advertisement the company focuss on selfconfidence.



Your brain activity during a car ad!

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Is neuromarketing more eficient than traditional marketing?

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This website http://internetneuromarketing.com/ speak about neuromarketing and why it is better than traditional marketing.

In this website, there is a very interesting thinking which is, when you do a study to create a new product, you do a questionaire and then you answer people. But how can you trust them? were they serious?, did they think what they said?, will they do it??

You can’t be sure at 100% that they don’t lie.

If you use neuromarketing you will see what’s happen in their brain, so they can’t lie and your results will be better and you can create or no a new product thanks valid datas.

Companies and Neuromarketing

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Companies produce, advertise and sell products. They use marketing to advertise. Nevertheless, since neuromarketing appeared, rich companies studied consumer’s brain to get information and to improve their marketing and advertising campaign. Just rich companies can do it because it is very expensive because they have to use IRM, doctors and people who are consumers.

As a result, we can imagine, if big companies use neuromarketing and get very good advertising campaign, our society can have big troubles as diseases, such as obesity.

So companies have to become more moral to avoid this type of trouble to protect our society. Companies have to change their behaviours.


what do you think about neuromarketing?

How can you describ it?

New Book in the library

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The library ordered “Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why”. The autor is Max Sutherland.


Old brain: the master?

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Scientist said that our old brain (reptilien) just react to 6 stimulations.

1) Our odl brain is a selfish man.

2) It react just front of contrast (noize / silence).

3) It understand basic things.

4) Our lasy old brain is concentrate just at the beginning and at the end.

5) Our old brain has a better visual memorisation.

6) Our old brain react to emotional things.

This six elements are important when you make an advertissement.

Are we egual front of advertissement?

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When you watch TV, you see advertissements, too much, (350 per day) so you are unable to say what you see or not. You were unconscious. You can’t remember the advertissement nevertheless your old brain remember well.

Then when you are purchasing products, you will be influenced because your old brain remember the advertissement. You have to be rational when you buy a product.

As a result we are not all egal to advertissement.

if you are young, less educated and from a discriminated environment you will listen your emotional old brain.

 w9zhcays7re1caatsx6jcaxk1svscam3rbszca10t258ca9ihf9ncat0l9omca0ib8bzca78a8ueca2wjby1cahma6e1ca1lrccpca7ttllccaabprd9cao17kb1ca4cob77caqnh8rocanw8ogfcasdih8p.jpg  Homer Simpson is a good example, he is an no educated and from a discriminated environment so he listens his old brain that’s why he buy everything.

On the contrary if you are older, educated and from a nice middle, you will be more rational when you buy a product.

New business??

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Science help marketing to understand customer brain to improve the efficiency of companies promotion.

Big companies are interesting by neuromarketing: Coca Colas, K-mart, Levis-Strauss, Ford, Delta Airlines, Alcatel, etc.

Neuromarketing is a profitable business as a result some entrepreneurs created companies which sell commercial studies which are based on neuromarketing. As an example, in the USA, Joe Reyman build BrightHouse.

In Europe, Shopconsult for Germany and Impact Mémoire for France were create to make neuromarketing a business.

The goal is to know the impact of the company advertissement which is important because advertissement is the presentation of the product.

Neuro-Marketing une réalité

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In this video, there is the answer of my first question. The companies were Coca Colas and Pespsi.

People notice that without knowing the name people like more Pepsi than Coca Colas and when they know the name they prefer Coca Colas. The result is strange but not so much, When people try without knowing the name is one part of the brain which is activate and when they know the name it is another part, in this case it is emotion, because they are pround to drink Coca Colas.

Neuromarketing Book

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This book discuss about neuromarketing and it is on the library.

It gives advices to present a product and yourself during an interview.

There are four parts which develop the four main steps before the purchase or before the recruitment. The first part is about the Frustrations. Before starting the presentation of your product, you must know what need your customer. So you have to answer him and listen him. Then when you get his frustration you can follow by your demands.This part is very important because you show to your customer that you listen him and you analyse his demand to suggest him something in adequacy to eliminate his frustration. That’s why you have to make him aware.

Then you present your product by the way where the customer can’t say that he doesn’t need it, because just before he told you that he need your product because he has a frustration.To conclude your sale you have to provoke the purchase by using the product to show the function and using words which make proud your customer. Your customer will buy it because you touch his emotions. neuromarketing book

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